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Color Palette of the week – Merry weathered

You can get inspiration from everywhere. This week in 'Color Palette of the week’ a weathered stairs. The bright colors are peeled off and give a great result.

Also colors that you come out against, You can use fine at home. These bright colors are stunning example with white and / or gray walls. Combine soft pink with dark. And give courage to the space by putting bright yellow pillows on an olive green sofa.

Translated to paint colors (v.l.n.r.):
1. IJM Colour – Juhu, Four Villas
2. Flexa Home Made Collection – Red pepper
3. Flexa Ikea Collection – Ikea 159
4. IJM Colour – Africa Chic
5. IJM Colour – Wongema, Ulrum

May vary the colors shown in this palette of reality. This entry was posted on

Image: Pinterest KimmDunn

Hotspots: Definitely OPTIONS

In my search for inspiration and special (living)stores, I came to this. From 3 december 2011 opens Options Amsterdam its doors.

Options is a modern department store 230 m2. Besides buying, You can also visit the exhibition and workshop. In the store are articles by established artists sold, but also products from around the world. The offer thus seems small, but is very diverse and sometimes even produced only for Options.

Old Japanese kimonos, transformed into real designer pieces and classic sneaker Franse Bensimon label. These are just two examples of what you will see. I'll definitely take a look as soon as it is so far, because this looks promising.

Damrak 49
1012 LL

More information and inspiration can be found at:

Color Palette of the week – Tonal Grijs

That gray not have to be dull and chilly, proves this. Different shades of gray are combined into a Christmas scene.

At this rack a patchwork of small Christmas decorations. Therefore Gather everything you grayscale. Figurines, ball, Christmas pendants and angels. But vases, a branch from the garden or for example a beautiful card. Put them together and you will see that enhance the tonal colors together correctly.

Translated to paint colors: (v.l.n.r.)
1. Flexa Tight on the wall collection – Concrete
2. Flexa Ikea collection – Ikea 186
3. Flexa Tight in the paint collection – Appelwit
4. Flexa Ikea collection- Ikea 184

May vary the colors shown in this palette of reality. For more inspiration regarding gray in your interior look at the kleurpalet ‘Clean Slate’.

Here gray may finally play the leading role.

Flavourites Live 2011

Flavourites is the website for fun shop addresses. They collect the best addresses in the area of ​​housing, vogue children webshops. And because it's more fun to actually feel the stuff, to smell and experience, Flavourites organizes a live event. As the best webshops can in real showcase.

Everything for Brocante I took a look at Flavourites Live, that "The Other Side’ will be held in Amsterdam and gives you some tips. For those who have been inspired, Flavourites is live up to and including 20 november. If flea market enthusiast, you can especially take a look at the following addresses:

Lola Viola’s >
Lola Viola is known for its kitchen cabinets, beautiful variegated specimens they revamp itself and gives a real personal appearance. Thus, she has boxes for birth, birth date, baptism, but also ordinary for the kitchen or bathroom. But, or entirely in Lola Viola style. Recently she has a flea department on its webshop.

Onshus >
Onshus is divided into inhus, kidshus and winterhus. Home so. Magnificent cushion, cupboards, linen and textiles and of course ideal to gift. And especially for the winter fun to hang in the tree.

Niji Saman & gt;
Looking for a special gift? Treasuries Niji Saman are the perfect place to stow all your beauty. For the kids, but also for you. Make it as personal as you want. Choose the coating, the content and all the other wonderful things you get there.

Club Happiness & gt;
The name says it all, Club happiness, This shop has everything for a finer and happier household. A happy living, a happy dining room and of course a happy kitchen. Fun and original accessories, to be happy.

Feels Right >
Feels Right is a unique shop. At least, say that they themselves. And they do not lie. This shop has unique, contemporary, yet rural home accessories. And the nice thing is that every month be new discoveries.

From Hooijbergh & gt;
Living in country style, that's the motto of the Hooij Bergh. They have wonderful flea door knobs, candles and coat hangers, speigels and pots, vases and linens. Enough choice so for those who love the country style antiques.

The Ancient Games & gt;
A shop full of memories and youth sentiment. That is Old playroom. Old poetry pictures, crocheted booties, puzzles and cards. In this shop you feel like you really are in the past.

Appliances Idea >
On the KreaDoe fair we were already against them, but no less original. Appliances idea. It is all about the concept of Saskia; give old furniture a new life and new appearance to plaster them with old wrapping paper. Look how fast.

Sister and Summer & gt;
Began an extensive collection of towels under the name sister and summer, but now much more than that. They have a large collection, from towels to tablecloths. That fits into a flea interior.

More great shops and inspiration can be found naturally in Flavourites Live. No time, you just visit the fun webshops. Look for it on Flavourites.

Additional information and the program can be found at


Hours can I trace on the Internet. Looking for gadgets, pretty pictures and inspiration.
Here the most beautiful thing I found on Etsy.

Lovely pillow Hebstyles
Washi tape dispenser van Sugarsupplies

Warm winter wool and cashmere FM908
Monthly Calendar Decal van Write on Walls
Vinyl Wall Stickers van KinkyWall

Become excited? You can create your favorites on