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I love quotes: Do it!

Credits: Pink Lemonade Design

A little quiet here…

Ok, I promise every time mountains… but then there is little of it! Blogging takes time, energy and inspiration! And since I have two blogs fill, shoot it a little in there! So… follow anyway everything I write for About! Soft hope you will find an inspiring color palette, a diy and if you have managed an interview with designer! Deal?

Happy Valentine!!!

Credits: Johanna Ekmark

Blogger Lunch

The best part of blogging? You share inspiration and sparring with other creative people! Because of originality makes me happy and I get new ideas!

Although I was a little sick, I attended the last Sunday Bloggers Lunch! On location in the fort at Heeerlijk (Remember that name, who are you going to hear more often on my blog) and organized by Sandra Accessorizeyourhome!

Thanks dear all! For snacks, the organization, cosiness and inspiration!

So you have a dull moment, looking for inspiration? 21 wonderful blog addresses!
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13. Elina - Elina Pellinkhof
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16. Akkie - Akkie
17. Carlotte - CarlotteCyrille
18. Maike - Moodkids
19. Anneke - Very Well
20. Arta - Ard’s-catch 22
21. Sandra – Accessorize your Home

Psssttt…. the message was also the site of one of my favorite home magazines 101woonideeën