Berlin Tips!

Last week I was for my work in Berlin. During the week I just had to get to work, but I have two days stuck onto and so we still have a (short) Weekend Berlin!On Saturday we have mostly the fun, trendy Prenzlauer Berg discovered! Highly recommended, Read more…

By Jussi, ago

Funkytime magazine

Wow, Funky Time magazine's crazy! As most of you know I'm a huge fan of magazines. Print, but also online. Because nowadays it is possible for anyone to publish online. That provides very beautiful pictures, witness the magazine FunkyTime, waar ik een instant Read more…

By Jussi, ago

Tip: Sleeping around

What a cool concept! 4 shipping containers, furnished as hotel rooms, with changing locations! And in the additional container every morning breakfast together with delicious coffee! Currently they are on the Scheldekaai in Antwerp! This I keep in mind! Additional information can be found at:

By Jussi, ago