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Hotspot – Can Xarc Ibiza

Deze hotspot is niet nieuw, het restaurant is al meer dan een jaar geopend. Toch trok het nu pas mijn aandacht, ondanks dat we er vaak langs kwamen lopen. We besloten binnen te kijken en werden blij verrast. Met recht een hotpsot voor op mijn blog. Can Xarc is beachclub, restaurant en evenementenlocatie in één en ook nog eens heel geschikt met kinderen. Want to go?

Can Xarc heeft een enorm terras, met springkussen en heerlijke zandbak en ligt pal aan zee. Aan het einde van de lange boulevard van Santa Eularia, wanneer jebijna in Siesta bent aangekomen tref je deze hotspot. Het bruine, houte interieur ademt de typische Spaanse stijl, evenals de traditionele menukaart, maar de originele touches in het interieur en finesse in de details maken dit een plek die anders is dan andere. Ik word blij van de kleine details, de menukaart met mooie illustraties, hangende plantjes overal én enorme koppen koffie. Er is een groot terras aan zee, perfect in de zomer (want onder de bomen) en een terras aan de enige rivier van Ibiza aan de andere kant van Can Xarc, perfect in de winter want in de zon!

Wij waren er in de winter, wanneer het op zondag volle bak is en de Spanjaarden uren de tijd nemen voor een uitgebreide lunch. Ik ben benieuwd hoe het in de zomer is en ga dan zeker nog eens een kijkje nemen.

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Hotspot – Nature Ibiza


Are you just like me crazy interior products, then you are at the Spanish shop Nature to the right place. This store, middle of Ibiza town, really has everything. Picture frames, jars, vases, incense, candles and cushions. But there is more… because this chain also sells really cool gadgets, special and comic books and clothes & accessories.

On the nice Plaza del Parque, behind the famous Vara De Rey, You can find the original concept store Natura. A Spanish company that I do not yet know, but am happy to have discovered. Because they have great stuff and at nice prices. Delicious slippers, soft home address, the best incense, candles and candlesticks, decorative pillows and throws, but also warm scarves, shawls, West, necklaces and bracelets. Their mission is to stimulate the senses and to always be spot-on with the latest trends. Looking for an original gift? Here you definitely succeed! PS: you Natura nowadays in Portugal, Italy, France and Germany. Address: Plaza Del Parque, 7 , 07800 – Ibiza.


Love from Ibiza!

December gifts Piece of Makeup

December is a month full of holidays. St. until Christmas, needs of all purchased, pieced and be decorated. Therefore today inspiring DIY products for the perfect month of December.

But also for afterwards, want de webshop van Piece of Make has everything for everyone who loves DIY and crafts. From materials to package and book the ideal creative handiwork during child birth. No idea what you do with all the materials,? Piece of Make is full of DIY ideas for each day.

I made a nice shopping selection of DIY products and gifts. Things that would be one by one on my list. You look it?


1. DIY package silhouette €19,95 2. Stempelset Do it yourself €6,75 3. Soft wool in old pink €4,50 4. Porcelain markers gold and silver €4,95 5. Set of 4 broad ring €19,95

Hotspot: Sneak Peek

Last month we took leave of the Randstad and we stayed in the middle of the country with my father. It seemed therefore appropriate to bring my father as a thank you for a lunch at Sneak Peek. Are you in the area? Go there especially look and enjoy this original hotspot in the land of Maas and Waal.

Sneak Peek is a restaurant where you can go for lunch, dinner and coffee with cake. It's no ordinary place, but one where much attention is paid to the experience. A total experience of flavors, color, textures and layout. I will be here all enthusiastic. We ordered lunch there experience. A complete lunch with soup, hot snack, sandwiches, meats, various special cheeses, dips in salads, garnish and more. And all presented in a special way on a scaffold. Including herbs you cut yourself from the plant, cream from a pipette for your soup etc..

In Short; a hot spot in a place where you least expect it. Moreover, we are working as much as possible with fresh and BIO products and you can taste it! If you are ever in the area, this is more than worth the detour.

Hotspot: SLA Amsterdam

Oh, how I love salades. Family and friends know that and push the bin regularly with leftovers (read: half bowl) my direction at the end of the meal. Because as I always say: for lettuce is never too full. Not surprising therefore that visiting SLA Amsterdam was already long on my to-do list. And with the departure from the Netherlands in sight had to happen now come. You look it?


What a wonderful look at the property, lots of light and idd a great salad bar as you would expect. And packed with healthy ingredients. I like that. I chose the Vegan Green Summer Salad. A generous portion you get, which complements well with the avocado, artichoke and beans. I love here really, The greener the better. My friend chose salad with smoked trout. I'm not a fan of trout, but she found him delightful. You can choose from the standard salads, but put together a salad can also. And you can not name it, or it may be in your salad. With chicken, some, vega of vegan. It's all.


Although I had heard that not everyone was talking about the service, I have nothing to object. The girls were friendly and even allowed the wine to taste just before we took a decision. Afterwards we took a guilty-free pastries and coffee to savor.


I am also fond of the establishment. You get a little feel like you are in a greenhouse to eating. With lots of glass, plants and green. And also the design of the menu I find cool. Tight, with playful illustrations. In Short; if I am once again in Amsterdam, I will definitely return. Want I love sla!


Have you been there once, and what did you? And what seems to you the tastiest salad? Let me know!