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10 Tips – borstvoeding doe je zo

Wil je graag lang borstvoeding geven, dan is de juiste informatie essentieel. Nu ik inmiddels al bijna 15 maanden borstvoeding geef, vond ik het wel eens tijd worden mijn tips en ervaringen te delen. Er zijn namelijk op gebied van borstvoeding veel verkeerde adviezen te geven. Adviezen die de borstvoeding Read more…

By Jussi, ago

Dearest award!

Super fun, I was nominated for the Liebster Award. An award, which brings the smaller or novice blogger's attention. And this brings into the picture with a few questions. Then I'm going to nominate other bloggers and bombard them with my own questions. I was nominated by Diana, from Read more…

By Jussi, ago

Retrospect 2014

No blog post with good intentions, no complete annual. But I want to pause and take you into what for me and for us was a special year. With height- and lows. Where I often felt as snappy in the last year and I had the feeling always test to Read more…

By Jussi, ago