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The demolition wood trend we all know. But in our house is slowly creating a new trend, namely furniture made with pallets. On Pinterest, I collected all sorts of ideas for the design of our new home in Ibiza on the Board Ibiza DIY. The use of pallets proved this the cheapest and best solution. Look into what we all participated?

Bed pallets
Ibiza, the furniture very pricey. And soon we were therefore the idea to buy only a good and decent mattress and make the bed itself pallets. Our bed is made of Euro pallets. These have an ideal size, namely 80×120 and thus could only be created by stacking the bed 160×200 meter. If you look closely, you see that the two rear pallets across lie. This creates a step. And the headboard is made of two standing pallets. To this DIY pallet bed no nails or hammers came to pass on. You have a total 10 pallets in order to make this bed! Stacking and sleep but…

DIY bed van pallets

Bank of pallets
Ok, this one Bank of pallets looks complicated, but this is in fact not so. We received help during shooting, but we saw while working the best man, we realized that we could have done it themselves! It takes some cutting and carpentry, but then you have a bank sized passable for a designer sofa. This too will require only pallets. The bank is finished with planks of pallets and looks as a whole provides. Two foam mattresses from Ikea it and your bank is ready. The small mattress we tailor simple cut. Easy does it!

DIY sofa van pallets

Office of pallets
It could not! We found a beautiful pallet, with dense top. Placed it upright, hammered the boxes that were created close to a board and made of three planks desktop. You confirm this with chains and screws on the pallet. You can make a lock on and you have a multifunctional desk pallets that folded hardly takes place in. And because the wood is you can hang the desk full of beautiful pictures, to-do lists and more. The trays do your pens and other desk accessories.

DIY pallet desk

TV cabinet pallets
After we had all these beautiful furniture I went looking for a nice cabinet / TV cabinet with pallets. This was not to be found as well and eventually I came to the conclusion that a whole piece of furniture from pallets or really would make a pallet house. So we came up with the following. A low chest of drawers from Ikea 120 breed, covered with a large sheet of wood pallets that crosses on each side 35cm makes something simple a large and spacious TV unit. On the sides is now room for a crate or basket of goodies. Moreover, the whole playful look at the interruption. Tadaaa…and ready your TV cabinet pallets.

DIY pallet TV unit

Magazine pallets

This is not yet off, but I can tell you; he is fantastic. A smaller piece of furniture to make a magazine rack pallets. A nice variation we saw at a restaurant. Fun for brochures and flyers, but just as fun for your magazines and books that you love to save. I am a true collector of paper. This magazine rack pallets get a nice spot in the house. To be continued dus..

Do you have nice furniture ideas with pallets? Let me know. I'm curious about your reactions.