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I like to share with you a simple and healthy recipes that often make a snap his. This time it simple, but super tasty tuna salad. Your sandwich is a party with this simple salad on bread for you within ten minutes on the table. Delightfully fresh and tangy apple with the red onion! So you make him.

Homemade tonijnsalade met appel en rode ui

You will need to 4 thick sandwiches:
2 tuna cans (in olie of water, what you like best)
1 green apple
1 half a red onion
2 teaspoons greek yogurt
salt and pepper

Mash the tuna into fine puree in a bowl. Cut the apple into small cubes, the red onion into tiny pieces and stir into tuna. Make with Greek yogurt and season with salt and pepper. Was that all? AND, that was all. So simple. Extra nice on thick sourdough bread, topped with spinach, arugula or other salad. I did the salad in a small weckpotje. Looks nice and so he stay closed longer shelf life in the refrigerator!


Homemade tonijnsalade met appel en rode ui

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