Last weekend I went away for the weekend with my sister. She took me on a surprise weekend, in honor of my success. At the same time we could all celebrate that I have a new job. Double celebration so.

Now I was hoping I would get the instructions need to Dordrecht, and yes! Want in Dordrecht is Villa Augustus, a hotel / restaurant / shop / etc. I can say it all about, make nice with details. Or I'll have you just see the pictures and say; go see it!!!
ps: In real life it is much nicer!

Last weekend I went out with my sister. She took me on a surprise weekend to celebrate my graduation. And at that time we could also celebrate me having a job already. So twice a party.

So I was hoping to get the instructions to come to Dordrecht, and so I did. Because in Dordrecht there is Villa Augustuss, a hotel/restaurant/shop/etc.. I could tell you lots about it, I could overload you with lovely details. But I will just show some pictures and say; go there!!!!Ps: It’s much prettier in real.

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