Okay, keep this hotspot I actually prefer to myself. For gosh, what is it fine here. Restaurant La Paloma is located in the middle of San Lorenzo, a sleepy village where besides the little local school (read: nothing at all) for amusement. Except so this ge-dig-e restaurant.

Promise you that it stays between us? Not to spoil anyone who is not as happy to be like you and me huh! Sipping your wine you feel like you really are in heaven on earth. Because in addition to the terrace looks heavenly, located between the lemon trees, are the dishes to make your mouth water. In the oven baked focaccia and pizza with very simple fillings, the best citizens with rustic fries, verse, knisperende salades en healthy juices. To die for…. This to me instant happiness. Oh and psstttt…. the cake is very good indeed.

The beautiful photographs were taken by Anouk van Helmond, who tipped me this otherwise fine place. With her business Pure Photography they can be hired for various shoots. From wedding reportages to maternity- and family shoots.

Ibiza-jussimegens.nl-hotspot-travel-restaurant-la-st.laurentz Paloma

Credits: Anouk van Helmond

Credits: Anouk van Helmond

Credits: Anouk van Helmond


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