It's been a while since I talked about how we are doing. Therefore, it was once again time for a quote of the week. This time with a picture of their own hands. Too good not to use. I took this picture during a walk to Es Cubels.


Normal life makes its appearance here. And how crazy too, here is just slowly. I try to be very consciously reflect on what we do, entrepreneurship and beautiful but ready to play. But even here, get used to it and is living on Ibiza 'normal'. The beautiful sea and beaches are the rule rather than the exception, and I try to consciously enjoy as we drive through the hills and discover a new village or cafe. Rise with the sun, out to lunch. Sometimes it is crazy to see that you are so far away from friends and family, still can be happy. And that there is not even really homesick. I dare say this is almost impossible, but when I talk to people who made the same step, then my feeling is equivalent to theirs. Guilt. It's fine here. And that you build your life without your dear friends and family. And that's actually pretty good going. Maybe I expected that there are always two sides would sit. The adventure & enjoy and that lack of.

And of course it's crazy. Because the relationship I now have with my friends and my family is now changed once. Since you can not escape. There, I was very aware when we made this choice. And in that sense this is selfish. I do this for us, Jurgen and for me and for our future. But I also believe that the friendships that are well, will continue this. Remote also. Albeit differently, but attaches.

What's wrong is that we make many new friends and gain in many places contacts. Therefore no lack of outings. I am regularly in the weather to make contacts for work. Share business cards from, go talk and blog happily. The latter also ensures familiarity, because although my blog is now not necessarily read a lot, the wonder of wonders is still in the Dutch in Ibiza visit. I've met a few people who knew me through my blog. And that's nice.

Nevertheless, these contacts can of course not compete with those of the people who really close to you. And the prospect of the coming months and many visits scheduled make me deliriously happy. I'm counting down the days until the arrival of my brother. A week for myself Netherlands (I go alone) and seeing my dad, Hanneke, sister and good friend Jasja I saw more in ages because of a long trip to Australia. And perhaps that is exactly where it is in him. The prospect that I will see them again makes the loss of all those other more bearable. As if the arrival of my brother makes it good for my whole family. Snap je?

So far this personal update. I'm curious about your reactions.

Love from Ibiza


Tamas Ibiza · 17 February 2015 at

Wat een leuk stukje..zo herkenbaar….geniet altijd van je verhalen….bedankt…!

    Jussi · 17 February 2015 at

    Bedankt voor je lieve woorden, Tamas 🙂

Anouk · 17 February 2015 at

Beautiful, persoonlijk verhaal Jussi. En je moet je nooooit schuldig voelen over iets dat je gelukkig maakt (al is dat makkelijker gezegd dan gedaan). Ben jethuisals wij in Mei op Ibiza zijn? 🙂

    Jussi · 17 February 2015 at

    And, I know lieve Anouk. Maar in het hoofdje gebeuren soms andere dingen. In ja, wij zijn thuis! Dus dat wordt een date in onze tuin of bij La Paloma als het aan mij ligt 😀

      Anouk · 24 February 2015 at

      Herkenbaar hoor, ik laat me ook nog steeds te vaak leiden door schuldgevoel (en de mening van anderen 😉 )
      Leuk dat we elkaar eindelijk in levende lijve gaan ontmoeten. Die La Paloma date klinkt goed (maar ik ben ook benieuwd naar jullie huis, haha!). See you in May!

dorette · 17 February 2015 at

Perhaps it is the thoughts in your head what satiate if you consider that you can definitely live a secret dream of many other. And of course the all-important fact that the people who love you like family and good friends are not really your lucky blame. This is heard only the vision of one of you unfamiliar readers. I think you write a lot of fun and Ibiza is for us still dream (holidays) land. The atmosphere, the people and the island sparkled, Totally awesome. I think the idea to live there with family and friends so you understand completely and therefore I also ff say that I find it very tough on you that you're going to live there. Totally amazing but super tough!!! Rather Doret

Tanja · 18 February 2015 at

Pretty articulate Jussi…….understand how it feels but also know from experience that real friendship knows no bounds or distance. Everyone grants make you too and sometimes you need in life is indeed selfish choices that are or appear. But I think if you find friends and loved ones much worse if you're sitting there with n guilt……So shake t from you and enjoy!!! Xxx Tanja

Caroline Sleijffers · 5 March 2015 at

I notice that if I sometime again 5 up to 6 weeks in the Netherlands have everyone still has a lot of pressure with his own besonjes. Eventually, you live only once and you do what is right for you and your family. Is that selfish? I do not think so. Allright… I live also in Singapore and not in the village of my parents.

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