So cozy autumn can be. Cheerful and fur. This week we take in 'Color Palette of the week’ an autumn picture in bright colors.

This everyday image of an overgrown with ivy and boarded up window creates a happy place by the colors. The bright pink / red leaves, bright green, the nude shades of wood and peeling blue paint. Autumn does not have to be drab, that shows this palette.

Translated to paint colors: (v.l.n.r.)
1. Flexa Fluo Fantasy Collection – Explosion
2. Flexa Coleur Local collection – Tuscan Earth
3. Flexa Coleur Local collection – Caribbean aqua center
4. Flexa Coleur Local collection- accent Caribbean

May vary the colors shown in this palette of reality.
This post I wrote for During my internship at Sanoma.


Iris Vank · 9 November 2011 at

beautifully pallet!

You see Megens · 9 November 2011 at

thanks, tasty colorful and yet fall!

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