Color Palette of the week – Fresh Christmas

It's been too long ago. Completing my internship and a good week flu made sure I was as present. If the pressure is too high….but I decided not to post at all. Sin course, because I still have a lot of inspiration in the meantime.

At the last moment as a color palette with Christmas scene, hopefully provide inspiration still on!

Each week, an inspiring photo along with a color palette of the week. This week a fresh Christmas tree.

That a Christmas tree is not necessarily green, with lights and red balls have to be, This picture shows perfectly. Choose a white tree and the effect is the same fresh and delicious winter. Choose colored accessories including aqua blue and bright pink enom to all cheerful and playful eyes let.

Translated to paint colors (from top to bottom):
1. Flexa Tight on the wall – Bosgroen
2. Flexa Couleur Locale – Accent Tuscany
3. Flexa Creations – R0spberry Swirl
4. Flexa Creations – Soft Pearls
5. Neon Fantasy – Roar

Image:KimmDunn via Pinterest

2 Thoughts on “Color Palette of the week – Fresh Christmas

  1. Supervrolijk deze boom!
    x Iris

  2. Ik wilde ook zo graag precies zo’n witte boom deze kerst.
    Heb nergens een mooie kunnen vinden.
    Ben nu ook best blij met m’n echte groen.
    Misschien volgend jaar.
    Fijne dagen!

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