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You can get inspiration from everywhere. This week in 'Color Palette of the week’ a weathered stairs. The bright colors are peeled off and give a great result.

Also colors that you come out against, You can use fine at home. These bright colors are stunning example with white and / or gray walls. Combine soft pink with dark. And give courage to the space by putting bright yellow pillows on an olive green sofa.

Translated to paint colors (v.l.n.r.):
1. IJM Colour – Juhu, Four Villas
2. Flexa Home Made Collection – Red pepper
3. Flexa Ikea Collection – Ikea 159
4. IJM Colour – Africa Chic
5. IJM Colour – Wongema, Ulrum

May vary the colors shown in this palette of reality. This entry was posted on kleurinspiratie.nl

Image: Pinterest KimmDunn