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It has been two weeks since I posted a quote of the week. Time flies here really true. And not because we have so much to do, but precisely because we have time for everything. We discover the island, visited a lookout on the magical Es Vedra, a hitchhiker with names (which may depend on the list), enjoy the many beautiful beaches, teach us to make yourself understood in Spanish (with hands and feet, though) and figure out where we can do the cheapest groceries. We regularly attract the plunge by strangers asking the shirt of the body and learn so sneaky lot about the island and its culture.

We enjoy. We enjoy good and as mentioned; The days fly by. Meanwhile the house hunting is in full swing. I even called once we had found something. But nothing is what it seems in Ibiza. You have to be there on time, preferably during the visit already short on cash for the down payment (and, daaag) therefore think there is still little. A style that does not fit with us. Because although we often unbridled (to) quickly be excited about a house, we often have reservations. We regularly make a new calculation of what we have to spend and then the cooling-long wide past and the house so already forgiven. So be it.

Meanwhile we namely have been taught to believe that what belongs to us we will come. A kind of mantra repeated frequently here. You get what you wish for, comes time comes counsel and more of those wise words. The Secret is read much :). But we believe in here now. It is a lesson in patience, not our strongest feature, but when the time comes, we will surely find what we're looking for. So far, so actually no news.

Our days are filled with searching houses, explore the island, take the back roads, new one (special) meet people and make friends, eating out with the first visit (my two nieces were a week on vacation) and arrange business today. In between, we read what, We laze, we cook the stars of heaven on our two-burner electric plate ๐Ÿ˜‰ and we drink wines at sunset. There… though life hรจ?! Oh yes and the weather? Daily between 25 in 30 degrees. Today even ran on to 32. But I'm not complaining, I already have a real Ibiza flavor.

Meanwhile I continue blogging, nice tinkering with my website, we wait for the furniture in this week 18 boxes comes and we look forward to a private place. So far this week. Below an impression in pictures…

Collage-week 43-Ibiza_klein-move-ibiza-quote-inspiration-jussimegens.nl-moveCollage-week-43-Ibiza_klein-verhuizen-ibiza-quote-inspiratie-jussimegens.nl

Love from Ibiza!


Anne · 21 October 2014 at

What a wonderful life! And what a weird warm weather for the time of year. Global warming.. But very nice. Been with Sluiz? Fun to follow you so!

    Jussi · 21 October 2014 at

    And, it is really super nice weather. We find it really. In ja, also been at Sluiz ๐Ÿ™‚ There is also a little blog about! You very nice trip! X

Le · 21 October 2014 at

Bit sorry for all those following lifters;)
Sounds good there, a big holiday! X

Cindy · 21 October 2014 at

Lovely to lez so with(in)and with you,,nl,Thank you, woman,,nl,henk megens,,nl,nice to read this last update and happy to hear that it goes well,,nl,indeed the WAY makes patience and certainly not alaminute,,nl,here it rushes and the rain comes from the air in swirling gusts of wind,,nl! Dankjewel vrouw! xx

henk megens · 21 October 2014 at

leuk om te lezen deze laatste update en blij om te horen dat het goed gaat.
inderdaad de WIJZE betracht geduld en beslist niet alaminute!
hier stormt het en komt de regen in wervelende windvlagen uit de lucht.
the stove and my vest to his; yesterday lin and co. walked around the zoo in Rhenen; Sun seen and also bears, elephants, wolves, lamaas and a raptor without a name. LOVINGLY henk

diana · 29 January 2015 at

what an incredibly beautiful pictures! and like a lot of fun the rest of your blog to read!

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