Our cottage in Haarlem is already growing army, We live between the boxes and almost every day there cleared a corner or drawer. Why So? Because we are going to move to Ibiza!


Credits: Jussimegens.nl

Already on day two of our honeymoon I spoke carefully the words:'Here I would be able to live'. Not knowing that the half a year later decided and would be Heard. We are moving to Ibiza! The island has surprised us so. The prevailing atmosphere is magical, nature and wonderful sense of freedom prevails. Outdoor Living, a vegetable garden, cooking and eating in the garden, satisfied with less. That's where we both desire. It seemed too good to be true and I could then I can not imagine that it was an option.

But from the second day the seed was planted. Not because we are unhappy in Haarlem, but because the adventure beckons. The beneficial effects of the sun, outdoors, may have to live more space and more importantly Jurgens’ health have been decisive.


Credits: Jussimegens.nl

Super exciting also hear and occasionally I see nothing but doom and gloom. Where are we going to get by and what is true for me to find in terms of work? For weeks doctoring Jurgen everything from, regarding its benefit, taxes, our home and work for me. And when it became apparent that this was favorable and health insurance costs and taxes are much lower in Spain we decided to go for it together.

Our adventure starts from the end of September, stay after a month and watch the pennies with dad we go with a car full towards Denia. Where we cross over to Ibiza by boat. The first months we have a beautiful house in Siesta, near Santa Eullaria. With lovely garden, Nestled in the pines. From the island we go looking for a more permanent residence.. I'm so curious to see where we end up…

So far for now!


Anne Solveig · 4 August 2014 at

What a cool and unusual step! Good luck!

    Jussi · 4 August 2014 at

    Thank you! Super spannend 🙂

Bianca · 4 August 2014 at

What exciting but especially so cool! Is being very nice blogging from there!

    Jussi · 4 August 2014 at

    Hell Yeah, ik heb vast een hoop te vertellen aan iedereen om ze op de hoogte te houden 🙂 Dankjewel!

Manon · 4 August 2014 at

wow what am cool, I do not think it could be but I'll give you quite right!

Linda · 4 August 2014 at

What an awesome but oh so exciting step!
Op naar het avontuur voor jullie en veel geluk 🙂


    Jussi · 4 August 2014 at

    Lief, dankjewel!

Lieke · 4 August 2014 at

exciting, nice, sturdy, cool, really everything at once! But I think it fits so well with you! Veel plezier en succes 🙂

    Jussi · 4 August 2014 at

    Thanks Lieke. Komt vast goed 🙂

Jorinde · 4 August 2014 at

How very cool that you're going to do it! it is for me a dream which kk
hope he ever opens! Goodluck! I keep your blog surely follow. 😉

Groetjes, Jorinde

    Jussi · 4 August 2014 at

    Thank you. Will you know dreams. What country do you dream? And what's stopping you?

Kim / Vintage & Beauty · 4 August 2014 at

How wonderful that you so your dream when life! Really quite amazing that you just cut the knot and leave. You're right! You only live once. Enjoy it!

Go you often write about here? Because then I'm going to surely follow ^^

    Jussi · 4 August 2014 at

    Thank you. And we only live once we know all too well. So you have to play everything.
    I will definitely keep blogging about. As there are also nice hotspots, DIY en interieur artikelen voorbij zoals ik voorheen deed 🙂

becausewelovefashion.nl · 4 August 2014 at

Wow what really cool! Good luck!

    Jussi · 4 August 2014 at

    Dankjewel 😀

Benay Vaneese · 4 August 2014 at

How cool! I used to go a lot to Denia with my parents on vacation. Also a lovely town. In elk geval heel veel geluk samen 🙂

Caroline - small Happiness · 5 August 2014 at

Hi Jussi,

How nice, exciting and bold of you. So you must live. With us was formed in September the plan and we lived in Singapore in April. A childhood friend of mine has an interior shop in Ibiza. His together years ago lost sight of but can sometimes look up some info. Without the lead held plan will best be challenging at times. Notify particularly attached to why you went to Ibiza and enjoy everything that belongs to the rollercoaster. It enriches you as a person.


    Jussi · 5 August 2014 at


    How sweet your comment. And, it will certainly not always be easy. But dreams you have to chase and for us it feels as yet having children now or (provisionally) not.. I follow your adventures as Singapore since the beginning, want dat emigreren intrigeert met mateloos 🙂 Jullie helemaal op je plek daar?

    I'm looking forward to the shop of your girlfriend, you want it even look up for me? As you know I like to blog about interior.

    Liefs Jussi

Rob Megens · 5 August 2014 at

Satisfied with less. fantastic starting point. In addition, the health and the absolute quality of life. Great new step in your life. We will follow you with pleasure and interest. A lot of strength and success of the final steps. Xxx Rob Reina

Dagmar · 6 August 2014 at

Wow what are you going to make an amazing step! Really so much admiration, heel dapper! I wish you all the luck and a beautiful future on this beautiful island but especially together in this new chapter. Enjoy!

    Jussi · 6 August 2014 at

    Thanks Dagmar, how sweet! We will make some of.

even · 9 August 2014 at

Good luck and have fun Jussi, I'm going to follow!

    Jussi · 9 August 2014 at

    Thanks Anki, komt vast goed 🙂

Nelleke ten Brinke · 12 August 2014 at

How wonderful that you are going to do this just! really cool! I wish you prosperity, love and happiness there and go follow naturally. Am looking forward to all the adventures!

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