Are you looking for something special? A text to be written, social media to be done, a design to be made or a photo to be taken? Please let me help and design for you whatever it is you need. Have a look at my portfolio to see what I can do for you or your company. I work for professionals as for people like you and me. I work with several programs and styles and I am willing to think in line of your preferences, brand and taste. Please contact me if you have any question and feel free to ask about my rates or to make an quote.

About me

I am passionate, curious and love to go beyond the beaten path. I love interior, craft, DIY and handmade. Secondhand and thrift shopping is my secret passion.

I create (Online) Media in word, design and image! The overall picture is the the most important thing for me and something I can independently achieve. I produce (social) media in various fields. You can hire me to develop a new concept, for photography, as support for (web) editing, journalism, writing articles (including SEO), graphic design (including logo design, corporate identity, brochures, etc.), creating content for social media and to define the online strategy for your social media channels.


"Jussi is een creatieve duizendpoot van deze tijd. Ze weet van aanpakken, haalt elke deadline en beweegt zich makkelijk in de wereld van print- en digitale media. Ze bedenkt, schrijft, zoekt, vindt, geeft vorm, redigeert en creëert".

"Jussi managed all our Dutch social media channels with passion and creativity. What sets her apart are her strong visual skills – she is not only able to come up with creative ideas, but can as well turn them into attractive designs. These skills combined with her experiences in blogging, blogger relations and event management made her a great all-rounder and good-humored colleague within our team!"

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