Nowadays social media is one of the most important strategies for your business to reach out to your clients. Start building a focus group and earn more money with good social media. I assure you it is worth the money. Whether you are a small or big company a good start with social media or helping hand could be a kickstarter for your business. Already a head with social media but lost the focus? I can help.

As a social media manager it is my job to get back on track with social media. Whether your company is big or it is just you, there’s a few ways I can help:

  1. Social media content calendar: this is most simple way of social media advise I can give. I will make a social media calendar for the company, containing when to post, what to post and on where to post (on what channel).
  2. Social media advise: I will have a closer look to all of the used social media channels. After having a personal talk and finding out what the company is about, what goals you want to reach, I will set up a new social media strategy. This strategy contains what channels to use, what to focus one, the tone of voice to use and some social media tips and tricks which will give you a kickstarter to reboost your company on social media. This advice contains a file with usefull information that you can apply yourself and a social media
  3. Social media maintanance: don’t have any time to redo all yourself and to use the tips and tricks I can give? Let me do it for you. This is the most convenient way and inmediately shows off. For a certain amount of time I will maintain all social media channels. It will reboost your company inmediately and it will help you see how to get on with it when I am not there. In an agreed time of frame I will redesign your social media channels and update them with posts. This could be an agreement for one month, but we could also agree on an extended period of time. Together we decide what to best is for your company and what is the most efficient.
  4. Full social media package: This package has all of the above and will be a complete pack and help for your company.