DIY: bulb

So simple it can be. This DIY lamp is made of… cardboard signs! Fold them and they do not stick to a tubular piece of cardboard. Not complicated. Credits: mspoki

Woonbeurs; Keecie, That-that, Snurk

I visited their booth at the housing fair. A great combo. The collaboration between Keecie, Tas-ka in Snurk. They complement each other and cheer each other on. Colors complement and complete the picture. For those who do not know it. Keecie heeft de prachtigste producten van leer, such as bags, carrying cases and purses. Read more…

Hotspot: Hodgepodge

A nice shoptip for the weekend. Stew in Amsterdam. This new store concept is wonderfully original, sells fine products and is located in the heart of Amsterdam. Young entrepreneurs can sell their products here in their own mini-shop. So for those who are bored????Address: Utrechtsestraat 34, Amsterdam. A nice shoppingtip for the weekend. Hodgepodge Read more…

Inspiraite: Petite Passport

Would you like to see more than the tourist spots or the known hotspots? verzamelt ze voor je. Design, hotspots and Travel. Original and often tested by the author himself. Image: Afbeelding: Afbeelding: Afbeelding: Afbeelding: