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Hotspot – Can Xarc Ibiza

Deze hotspot is niet nieuw, het restaurant is al meer dan een jaar geopend. Toch trok het nu pas mijn aandacht, ondanks dat we er vaak langs kwamen lopen. We besloten binnen te kijken en werden blij verrast. Met recht een hotpsot voor op mijn blog. Can Xarc is beachclub, restaurant en evenementenlocatie in één en ook nog eens heel geschikt met kinderen. Want to go?

Can Xarc heeft een enorm terras, met springkussen en heerlijke zandbak en ligt pal aan zee. Aan het einde van de lange boulevard van Santa Eularia, wanneer jebijna in Siesta bent aangekomen tref je deze hotspot. Het bruine, houte interieur ademt de typische Spaanse stijl, evenals de traditionele menukaart, maar de originele touches in het interieur en finesse in de details maken dit een plek die anders is dan andere. Ik word blij van de kleine details, de menukaart met mooie illustraties, hangende plantjes overal én enorme koppen koffie. Er is een groot terras aan zee, perfect in de zomer (want onder de bomen) en een terras aan de enige rivier van Ibiza aan de andere kant van Can Xarc, perfect in de winter want in de zon!

Wij waren er in de winter, wanneer het op zondag volle bak is en de Spanjaarden uren de tijd nemen voor een uitgebreide lunch. Ik ben benieuwd hoe het in de zomer is en ga dan zeker nog eens een kijkje nemen.

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Hotspot – Passion Ibiza

Who wants to eat healthy and honest in Ibiza is the right place. Here also is a trend in motion and put in various places on the island you can go for healthy, vegetarian, vegan and / or organic and organic food. Passion Café Ibiza is the trendsetter in this area and is well represented with three locations in Ibiza.

Do you see the trees (restaurants) the forest anymore? Then Passion Cafe is a good and healthy choice in Ibiza. The extensive menu includes juices, smoothies, breakfasts, salads, sandwiches, soups, main dishes, specialty coffee and tea and cakes. Naturally, all with a healthy slant. Thus, there is also a complete map vegan, So even if you have any dietary requirements, you have plenty of options here. But the card also offers healthy burgers and homemade fries with garlic, dus manlief kan gewoon mee 🙂

What I love to Passion is the creative and healthy vibe. The decor is playful with uplifting quotes, caskets and fresh fruit and vegetables, There is a counter with healthy snacks and products are displayed in various places that are for sale. This is also the place for your homemade granola, kokoswater, superfoods and more. Oh…and they have a very nice free magazine to take home and a Passion blog with healthy recipes. For me a top combo and if they provide inspiration and connect with customers. Only downside I find the price of smoothies and healthy juices. These costs quickly € 8,- for a large jar and I find that quite to the price.

Passion Cafe can be found at four locations, namely in the port of Ibiza, in Playa den Bossa in in Santa Eulalia. The last location in Ibiza Bfit sports club. Enjoy!

Healthy cafe Passion op Ibiza

Passion Cafe magazine!


Healthy cafe Passion op Ibiza

Ibiza Must Have – reisgids Come in we’re open + giveaway

There are a number of must-haves when it comes to Ibiza. Things you should have on or off the island! That may be typical products produced in Ibiza or for example the best books on the island. Today, one in the latter category. Come in we’re open Ibiza is the guide with original hotspots to discover. And you can win a copy!


Come in we're open is a small handy booklet, packed with original tips on Ibiza & Formentera. De Ibiza & Formentera guide is divided into different regions of the island and covers a part of the most beautiful beaches and bays, best restaurants, cool cafes, Hotels and coolest stores to shop. In Short; an insider's look at the best spots on the island.

What I like so much fun Come in we’re open Ibiza is the original entry. No mass tourism or standard listings that we all know and see come anywhere beyond. No, in this guide to merely discover new places on the island that you otherwise your nose pass. Oh and not to forget the beautiful design, the bright colors and pretty pictures.

Extra fun; I may 3 giving away copies of this cool Ibiza travel guide. So you can win:

I look forward to your comments!

The giveaway has ended! And the winners are…
At sea

The giveaway will run until 2 February 2015. Then I will choose the winners, these get z.s.m. message. Pay attention: leaving your email address in the comment field is required. At this address will receive the winners. You must be resident in the Netherlands or in Ibiza in to join.

The booklet comes as soon as possible on your side!

You can not wait and want the guide and they need it now?
Come in we're open only costs € 14.95 and can be ordered through their own shop.

ibiza-musthave-book-travel-reisboek-reisgids-come-in-were-open-gidsje-ontdekken-explore-sun-island-travel-guide-vakantie-brochure-tips-travel-map-landkaartLove from Ibiza

Hotspot – Can Guimo Ibiza


Looking for good, honest and healthy eating in Ibiza? Then you have come to the right place Can Guimo. A (h)fair hotspot with fresh products, original cuisine and healthy juices.

You could almost miss it, because hotspot Can Guimo sits on the busy road between Eivissa (the capital of Ibiza) San Juan. For San Lorenzo find on the right side next to the small restaurant with local tobacco shop that also serves as a post office(tje). Take a seat at one of the small tables outside, the town on side or inside if you want to have less burden of traffic.

The menu offers everything and anything. Just what is available and within the season. Great sandwiches (Toast's) with salmon and mozzarella, changing quiches, salads with quinoa, chicken or pumpkin, big bocadillo's (sandwiches) and of course fresh homemade cakes. To be able to finger-licking. Nice about this thing the lovely people, fine simple design and the fact that there are all kinds of nationalities. Without fuss. In… it's quite affordable. So go!

Address: San Juan road km14, Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain +34 971 32 51 16




Love from Ibiza!

Hotspot – La Paloma

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Okay, keep this hotspot I actually prefer to myself. For gosh, what is it fine here. Restaurant La Paloma is located in the middle of San Lorenzo, a sleepy village where besides the little local school (read: nothing at all) for amusement. Except so this ge-dig-e restaurant.

Promise you that it stays between us? Not to spoil anyone who is not as happy to be like you and me huh! Sipping your wine you feel like you really are in heaven on earth. Because in addition to the terrace looks heavenly, located between the lemon trees, are the dishes to make your mouth water. In the oven baked focaccia and pizza with very simple fillings, the best citizens with rustic fries, verse, knisperende salades en healthy juices. To die for…. This to me instant happiness. Oh and psstttt…. the cake is very good indeed.

The beautiful photographs were taken by Anouk van Helmond, who tipped me this otherwise fine place. With her business Pure Photography they can be hired for various shoots. From wedding reportages to maternity- and family shoots.


Credits: Anouk van Helmond

Credits: Anouk van Helmond

Credits: Anouk van Helmond