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Hotspot – Dahlias

Who says Ibiza; says hippies! The island is also known for its free spirits, adventurers and alternative people. And the associated markets. One of the most famous hippy markets on Ibiza Las Dalias, which this year 50 anniversary. Today I take you. We Will!

The market place every Saturday from 10-18 hour place and in summer evening editions Sunday- and Monday from 17-24 hour. Delicious, for when the day is too hot.

On a sunny winter day in February it was time to discover the most famous and largest hippie market in Ibiza, Dahlias. Wonderfully quiet. If I have to believe you can walk here in summer over the heads. You want around here do not have a car on Saturday, unless you go to the market itself, so busy it is there. Dahlias emerged in 1954 and started as a place for live music and even the Rolling Stones would have occurred, but grew into a huge market for handmade items and one of the main tourist attractions of Ibiza.

Do you like the hippie, boho Ibiza look? Meter that, brightly colored scarves, bags and boots? And white skirts and blouses of linen and lace? Then you've come to the right place. With over 200 stalls you save your work here. Whether you dress, Jewelry, shoe, bags or decoration searching.

Tip:In the summer, every Saturday around 20.000 visitors off the market. Go early (or in the after-season) to be the biggest crowds.

Have you already been there? And what do you think is the best hippie market on Ibiza?

The oldest hippymarket of Ibiza - Las Dalias. For all Ibiza items, handmade jewelry, towels, clothes and more!

The oldest hippymarket of Ibiza - Las Dalias. For all Ibiza items, handmade jewelry, towels, clothes and more!

Las Dalias Ibiza, - the oldesr hippymarket of the Island and one to explore while you are there! Enjoy

The oldest hippymarket of Ibiza - Las Dalias. For all Ibiza items, handmade jewelry, towels, clothes and more!

Ibiza Must Have – reisgids Come in we’re open + giveaway

There are a number of must-haves when it comes to Ibiza. Things you should have on or off the island! That may be typical products produced in Ibiza or for example the best books on the island. Today, one in the latter category. Come in we’re open Ibiza is the guide with original hotspots to discover. And you can win a copy!


Come in we're open is a small handy booklet, packed with original tips on Ibiza & Formentera. De Ibiza & Formentera guide is divided into different regions of the island and covers a part of the most beautiful beaches and bays, best restaurants, cool cafes, Hotels and coolest stores to shop. In Short; an insider's look at the best spots on the island.

What I like so much fun Come in we’re open Ibiza is the original entry. No mass tourism or standard listings that we all know and see come anywhere beyond. No, in this guide to merely discover new places on the island that you otherwise your nose pass. Oh and not to forget the beautiful design, the bright colors and pretty pictures.

Extra fun; I may 3 giving away copies of this cool Ibiza travel guide. So you can win:

I look forward to your comments!

The giveaway has ended! And the winners are…
At sea

The giveaway will run until 2 February 2015. Then I will choose the winners, these get z.s.m. message. Pay attention: leaving your email address in the comment field is required. At this address will receive the winners. You must be resident in the Netherlands or in Ibiza in to join.

The booklet comes as soon as possible on your side!

You can not wait and want the guide and they need it now?
Come in we're open only costs € 14.95 and can be ordered through their own shop.

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Ibiza beaches – Cala Tarida

On this blog I like to share with you the coolest hotspots, the real must haves and beautiful beaches. All Ibiza. Cala Tarida such bay for the books. The clear water, the white sand and the wonderful beach tents make a visit to the beach of Cala Tarida complete.

With 900 meters long, this is one of the longest and whitest beaches on the island. Combined with the clean, crystal clear water makes this a popular beach for tourists and locals. Add to that the fine beach tents as Cotton Beach Club and Club Tarida and excellent facilities such as sun beds, umbrellas, toilets and showers and you have a beach where you do not want to leave. The beach is a ten minute drive from San Jose and fifteen minutes from San Antonio. Route: row from Eivissa to San Jose, Drive through the village and love from then to Cala Tarida.

I'm wondering what your favorite beach in Ibiza! Post your comments below. Then I go look!

The beautiful bay of Cala Tarida Credits: Jussi Megens

The beautiful bay of Cala Tarida Credits: Jussi Megens

The beautiful bay of Cala Tarida Credits: Jussi Megens

The beautiful bay of Cala Tarida Credits: Jussi Megens

Hotspot – Es Vedra Ibiza

Who says Ibiza, says… correct Es Vedra. The place to which Ibiza derives its magic name. A visit to this remarkable phenomenon can not be missing when you go on holiday to Ibiza. So you have planned a trip to this island called party? Stop for a moment and enjoy the views to Es Vedra.


De myths:
Near shore, south west of Ibiza you will find two small rocks. Es Vedra (of grootste in 400 meters high) Es Vedranell (sister). There are many stories circulating about this magical place. One is due to the fact that no one would have died on the island. Other stories say that Es Vedra top of the civilization of Atlantis. Also, there are seen aliens and UFOs according to different stories. Additionally, it is the holy island of Tanis called, the goddess of fertility. And since then, Es Vedra is designated as fertile place.


So get there
Whatever it may be,, Es Vedra is a magical place. And that you feel at all. Nice view of Es Vedra you o.a. from Cala d'Hort. Go there in the evening and behold a beautiful sunset. The seafood restaurant is otherwise excellent here. But the best vantage point is somewhere else. Drive from San Josep towards Cala d’ Orchard. At the point where you turn right to Cala d'Hort, go straight on the dirt road. Continue to follow. In a walled house, turn left. Probably see you here after about 100 meters cars parked. Follow the road to the right foot of Es Vedra that matter for your nose will rise.

Retrospect 2014

No blog post with good intentions, no complete annual. But I want to pause and take you into what for me and for us was a special year. With height- and lows.


Nice quote for 2015, credits

I frequent in recent years experienced as spicy and I felt always be put to the test (read; losing my mother and Daryl accident), I feel that 2014 anders was. The tide seems to have reversed. Want 2014 has brought much beauty. What a lot can happen in a year. A year of travel, both for my work as a private, make friends and friends let go, freelancen, do what feels right, revelations in the field of work and health, make contacts, choose for myself and chasing dreams. 2015, hopefully you're just as beautiful!

I'll start with the lows, because we can then quickly move on to the fun part. This year, I tested a lot in health. I decided the pain in my hands, I had for some time, seriously examined when work hardly and I went after a long day at the computer no longer bottle could crank. What followed was a long way from studies. Photo's, EMG’s, neurological examinations and various MRI scans of neck, hands, arms and back. Nothing was found. Eventually I ended up in a lengthy rehabilitation process where severe hypermobility came to light. My extreme flexibility meant that I often shot in the wrong position, which was even more extreme stress. An intensive program of physiotherapy several times a week, then, dry needling and social work followed. An approach that is both physically and mentally was very heavy. Now I'm a long way, pain free but not yet. In stress situations and when using my computer, I go regularly to far. And I have to pay for the next day with tingling, stabbing and the nagging feeling. Hypermobility is chronic and I will also have to find a way to be able to do as much as possible,with least pain. A lesson in patience. To be continued dus…


I, Ankor Wat in Cambodia

What there were many highlights. At the beginning of 2014 Jurgen and I made our long-cherished trip to Southeast Asia. Seven weeks I got off from work and the day before Christmas (2013) we left for Bangkok. The journey took us through Thailand, to Cambodia, Vietnam in Laos. We saw Ho Chi Minh bier, visited the impressive killing fields, wandered a full day by Ankor, world saw Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, visited the paradise beaches of Sihanoukville and Koh Samet, sailed for days on the Mekong, tamed the long ziplines Gibbon expercience who brought us over valleys and ravines, and we drove by scooter Pass the Hi Top Gear who also drove, only without sun and with a storm where you say against. An experience to remember, though. Similarly, this trip.


Jurgen and I, just before leaving for Asia.

The other highlight is already recommended. Migrating to Ibiza. A plan where we have been doing for a long time. We fell in love with the island during our honeymoon in 2013 Jurgens and health we decided to take a chance. The pieces fell completely in place when it seemed also additional wise for me to go slow to do. My contract was not renewed, and so I decided to continue as an independent. Last October 2014 it was far. Very recently, so. With a car full of possessions we start our adventure. And an adventure it is. I'm just glad we did it, the experience makes me richer and makes me realize what's important. In de categories Ibiza – our story Learn how it decays us.

In Short; an eventful year. One for the books. What was your height- and lows in 2014?
I wish you all a wonderful New Year, a big party and wonderful 2015!

Happy New Year, love from Ibiza!