Last week I was for my work in Berlin. During the week I just had to get to work, but I have two days stuck onto and so we still have a (short) Weekend Berlin!
On Saturday we have mostly the fun, trendy Prenzlauer Berg discovered! Highly recommended, where on Saturday a super nice market stands. Anyway, I noticed that the Berliners are real Burgundians. Many fresh and tasty food, good cakes and all in-to Bio!

In a number of these places I really liked!

Of Japanese interior shop MUJI drew my attention equal. Simple, natural colors and materials and also not expensive. So I could take the entire contents. Zij het niet dat ik alleen handbagage had 🙁 Ze hebben prachtige stationary, keukenspul in reisattributen!

A shop where I would often walk in the Netherlands. At Pomeranza, as well Prenzlauer Berg, they have everything. Fun things for kids, original gifts, plates, bowls, books and other goodies. Also attached coffee shop!

The sweet shop Jean and Lile reminded me a bit of the Dutch store Where. But, with slightly more color! Everything is beautifully decorated and we bought it for our wedding guestbook! The shop we visited is just the tip of the Mitte district, but there are three branches!


Natasja - · 2 April 2013 at

Aah, Berlin! Hoog op mijn bucketlist dus deze tips ga ik onthouden 🙂

Jussi Megens · 2 April 2013 at

Natasha Nice, Berlin is really a super city!

Iris Havekes C-More · 6 June 2013 at

Hi Jussi, what fun! I was there for the first time just a weekend for you! I've also been at Muij ( any pictures… stupid enough) and also in the same district as you! If you like it I place a link to this article of yours in my article about Berlin. My blog about Berlin can be found here:

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