Recently I went with my sister a long weekend away. We chose together for Copenhagen, a city that had long been on our wishlist and moreover not finished as high as that of our men. So the choice was quickly made to go together.

Actually you this nice blog with addresses not necessary, because gosh what Copenhagen nice. On every street corner nice lunch and coffee shops and to the 50 meter shop with the finest interior products and design. To be greedy… If you still want some tips? In this!

After we found a cheap ticket, we decided our accommodation through search. Partly because Copenhagen is not cheap. Similarly, the hotels. We stayed in this beautiful apartment of Sofie & Andreas. A modern, Scandinavian furnished apartment with very cool kitchen, in the center of the city overlooking the lake fifth Copenhagen.


Rent a bike
The first tip that you really should take my word is; rent a bike! Everyone does it, the trails are wide and as you get everywhere! The days we had no bikes, we felt really a bit inconvenienced, there are only two metro lines with stops that are far apart and coach you should still regularly wait. Fietsen is echt ‘the way to go’.

Copenhagen is really a shop mecca. Gosh what a lot of beautiful interior shops, specialty shops and department stores. If you sit once in a nice neighborhood, then you have my tips completely unnecessary. Because you will be the one encounter after another beaten-track spot. Yet at this my tips for the Vesterbro district.

The best shopping yet we did find the Gammel Kongevej and its street, the Vesterbrogade, in the wijk Vesterbro. Here you will find lots of super cute little boutiques. From (children)clothing to decor, prints and more. Go to Gammel Kongevej sure to Mumuland, a shop with beautiful prints and pastel-colored items.


The showcase 1001 PEARLS I really liked to relish. If you like yourself make jewelry, than you, you hit your stroke here!


I was very happy with Dora up the Vesterbrogade, the mix of vintage and new Danish design matched perfectly and I could take it all here.


Opposite you will find Granola, for a good breakfast, great lunch or delicious cakes.


The flower shop across the street, I also felt like it just came out of a fairy tale.


The center of Copenhagen is home to the longest pedestrian shopping street, Stroget. This is therefore a good starting point for your trip through the center. Halfway you find Sostrene Branches, a kind of Action, but with even fancier stuff for little money. Crazy design and interior? Stroll over by the four-storey Illums Bolgius department store. Here you find all Danish design brands and look out your eyes.


What is less interior, but some general tips are highly recommended when visiting this wonderful city.

My sister and I are quite fond of strolling at flea markets. On Saturday and Sunday we have also used our time well and visited three flea markets. The city abounds Loppemarkeder, as they say in Copenhagen. On the website of Visitcopenhagen you'll find a selection.


This wall text we encountered on the morning of the first flea market. Very fitting we found ourselves



Meatpacking District
Go in the evening a snack and drink delicious (cocktails) in Meetpacking District, also known as Meatpacking District called. You'll find this district left behind the station. In the ugly factory buildings you can eat. We ate delicious pizzas at Mother restaurant. Because we were early there was a spot outside, otherwise clear as reserve.



When visiting Freetown Cristiania we are tired of looking. Ok, not quite a pleasant atmosphere, but really are in a different world. A kind of liberty in the city center. Taking pictures is not here, because there is a lot here dealt. In addition, you can buy all kinds of handmade items from the residents and eat at restaurants that they have set themselves. Strange, but worth it.




On our last day we decided to visit a flea market outside the center. Namely, that at the Carlsberg brewery. We walked by chance at a great concept to; Boxland! Great. During the summer, all kinds of creative use of space 1 container for their own shop. Own design, vintage, to eat, drinking and more. Thus, there is also a city beach, DJ’s en bands. Unfortunately for us the weather was against, but with a little sunshine is the ultimate chill here.


Are you going soon to Copenhagen and use my tips? Let me know, I like. Have fun!

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