Welcome at jussimegens.nl. On this website you can learn more about me, my work as a freelance writer, editor and graphic designer and my hobby as a lifestyle blogger. Read my stories on my blog, learn more about me at my about page and feel free to leave a comment.

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Hi, welcome at jussimegens.nl.

I am a natural born editor with a particular interest in graphic design and photography.

Whether you are looking to get a social media campaign going or turn your draft concepts into text and graphics, I will do it all. With my strong visual skills I am not only able to help you creating your concept, I will also guide you step by step from the drawing board to the finishing line.
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I blog about my life…

Curious about all my adventures moving to an Island which I've only been to ones?

Me too! On my blog I'll keep you posted about migrating to Ibiza, finding the right place to live, but I also want to inspire you with DIY, interior, lovely food made by my husband, my freelance job and everything else that inspires me in live.
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