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Anyone who knows me, know I'm crazy DIY and creativity. And let me now allowed to do just super fun to work Piece of Make. Therefore, a guest blog monthly with fun DIY's this gay site that you really need to know. Piece of Make is a creative breeding ground for all things DIY, crafting to do. Meters webshop. Approachable and fun.

This month: of tuintent! A creative solution to a (shower)curtain and hoop. The hoop can really let your! In ja, you see the good! Of the women in the tent, I am one. Getting Started!


What do you need?

  • (Shower)curtain ring with holes
  • A hoop
  • Piece of cloth (different substances, or 1 color), max. 60 x 40 cm
  • Kartelschaar of fabric scissors

Self crafting a tent, how do you do that?

Cut the fabric strips 2 a 3 cm wide and 15 up to 20 cm spacing. Cut as many strips as there are dust rings in the curtain. If you want the hoop itself give a soft look, You can strips of fabric to wrap the hoop. Do this before you attach to it the shower curtain.

Button now each ring fixed to the hoop with a strip of fabric. Tie a double knot in for extra strength. Secure in this way all the rings in the hoop. To hang the tent securely to a tree, button you finally four long strips of fabric (of 4 pieces of rope) of at least 50 cm in length to the hoop (opposite to each other). Tie the four ends stuck in together 1 knot in the middle. Hang in the tree and enjoy summer evenings in your garden tent.

Piece of Make!


TIP: Put evening an LED light in the tent, and you have an enchanting atmosphere maker.

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