December is a month full of holidays. St. until Christmas, needs of all purchased, pieced and be decorated. Therefore today inspiring DIY products for the perfect month of December.

But also for afterwards, want de webshop van Piece of Make has everything for everyone who loves DIY and crafts. From materials to package and book the ideal creative handiwork during child birth. No idea what you do with all the materials,? Piece of Make is full of DIY ideas for each day.

I made a nice shopping selection of DIY products and gifts. Things that would be one by one on my list. You look it?


1. DIY package silhouette €19,95 2. Stempelset Do it yourself €6,75 3. Soft wool in old pink €4,50 4. Porcelain markers gold and silver €4,95 5. Set of 4 broad ring €19,95


vintageandbeauty · 10 December 2014 at

What they sell nice things here. I'm totally real to make it myself and am always looking for these types of shops. Thanks for the tip!

    Jussi · 12 December 2014 at

    And, cool huh?! I also like a lot of shops where they have nice things DIY. Lekker knutselen 🙂

Eva · 14 December 2014 at

fine webshoptip! Ik koop DIY-producten toch veel liever online dan in die veel te dure winkels als Pippoos 🙂

    Jussi · 15 December 2014 at

    Totally agree, Eva. En daarnaast is Pippoos lang niet altijd origineel vind ik 🙂

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