Oh, how I love salades. Family and friends know that and push the bin regularly with leftovers (read: half bowl) my direction at the end of the meal. Because as I always say: for lettuce is never too full. Not surprising therefore that visiting SLA Amsterdam was already long on my to-do list. And with the departure from the Netherlands in sight had to happen now come. You look it?

Sla_amsterdam-healthy-food salads hotspot Amsterdam south-super-food vegan salad bar

What a wonderful look at the property, lots of light and idd a great salad bar as you would expect. And packed with healthy ingredients. I like that. I chose the Vegan Green Summer Salad. A generous portion you get, which complements well with the avocado, artichoke and beans. I love here really, The greener the better. My friend chose salad with smoked trout. I'm not a fan of trout, but she found him delightful. You can choose from the standard salads, but put together a salad can also. And you can not name it, or it may be in your salad. With chicken, some, vega of vegan. It's all.

Sla_amsterdam-healthy-food salads hotspot Amsterdam South superfood

Although I had heard that not everyone was talking about the service, I have nothing to object. The girls were friendly and even allowed the wine to taste just before we took a decision. Afterwards we took a guilty-free pastries and coffee to savor.

Sla_amsterdam-healthy-food salads hotspot

I am also fond of the establishment. You get a little feel like you are in a greenhouse to eating. With lots of glass, plants and green. And also the design of the menu I find cool. Tight, with playful illustrations. In Short; if I am once again in Amsterdam, I will definitely return. Want I love sla!

Sla_amsterdam-healthy-food salads hotspot Amsterdam South-vegan superfood salad bar-menu

Have you been there once, and what did you? And what seems to you the tastiest salad? Let me know!

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