And then suddenly it was there… the house. Maybe not as we had imagined it to us, but even better. And when we saw it we knew it both right. And then it can go fast.


Last Saturday a sms, an agent that we approached earlier with the newspaper. Twice before we had the house she showed just not what we were looking for us. Again we explained to her what we were looking. A house in the campo (inland) with a garden / land and a minimum of two bedrooms. Often we were told that was what everyone was looking for… But it would still come. With patience.

That same Monday we could house, not in the campo but all was right in the reasonable sized town of Jesus, see. Right behind the main street, between what senior apartment complexes there was a small, typische Spaanse estate, with the beautiful name Home (or Cana in Catalan) Mimosa, named after a beautiful yellow flower. Google once again. Completely repainted, with around a huge garden. Bigger than we could ever wish for in Netherlands. A large porch with round arches, barn which can be transformed as a studio, a staircase to the roof with the surface of the house. Inside a spacious living room with fireplace, two bedrooms, a dining room that can be converted into a third bedroom sporadically and a simple but large kitchen with huge storage cupboards. In Short; everything and more than we were looking for. Because also within walking distance of a good breakfast in the morning, several restaurants for lunch and dinner, a butcher, barber, bank, interior design shop, post office…closer to the beach than we could have imagined. Who knows the island also knows that Jesus, is only a hefty walk from the magical Dalt Villa in Ibiza Town. We can say: we are happy! Very happy.

For now a picture of the front. Later more photos, because the whole palace has yet to be fully furnished. A job to my heart.


Love from Ibiza!

PS: Did or do you also looking for a house in Ibiza? We use used the superfine services of Dutch brokers Mavi and Geraldine Travel-Victoria. They can guide you both for sale and for rent, in your quest or during negotiations and monitoring of contracts. A solution if you do not speak the language.


Nadia · 4 December 2014 at

Wow, wat een mooi huisje. Echt wat je erbij verwacht.

    Jussi · 4 December 2014 at

    Thanks, we zijn ook helemaal happy met ons plekje!

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