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Time flies. It's been a week 51 and Christmas is coming. Crazy, because I feel it is October or something. Winter is here hardly. Okay dan nou, In the evening it is very cold here and we have the heaters. The houses are built in summer temperatures, You can tell that. Therefore we move, once the sun shows itself, with Noa (our parrot) and all to the porch. Where it soon hotter than inside. And that's so nice. With my chair, wind against the barn, the temperature as quickly to 20 degrees.

But emigrating is really not just fun and and we are certainly not all day in the sun. Thus, we have talked about for days electricians floor, that ALL electrics were replaced. And right after the whole house was thoroughly cleaned. You guessed it, we can do about that. I get my bath with our boiler 50 l just not filled with warm water. So I was shaking the first time from the cold, while I had so looked forward. That is why I walk today with the kettle and down four times before I half filled, but hot, can take bath. In.. we have internet, but above quote reveals its quality. Back to ADSL with a speed of 3MB. There… that puts not really improve the situation. The blog can nog net, with small images and video without course. Skype we do at times that the neighborhood is not at home and especially not during siesta, because it simply does not. Oh ja en water? We get by that 50 liter on the other side of the island,. We fill rapidly bottles 5 liters each of our own collected. And that brings with it some stress, because the spray really where the hose.

Ordinary life enters here. The first moments of loss come and I have to get used to "the enjoyment and may have little '. In my head I make all kinds of busy schedule, I slowly go back to work and I think everything from structural. And that's sometimes exhausting. Because I had given myself the time to get used. Paper. But to realize that in real life…Just for you stare out or read a book, there is little to. Someone the golden tip?

And yet lovely people, I look for the first time out for Christmas. We bought a real Christmas tree, want ja, which can in a large people home. I decorate things with lights and poinsettias and I really fancy dark days. The fireplace, tapas and games. Delicious!




All super happy holidays

and lovingly from Ibiza!