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It's been a while since I posted a quote of the week. This section should therefore that name already no longer wear. Still, I like to keep up to date regularly with an appropriate quote you on how it decays us, that emigrate.


Slowly we come into calmer waters. Our cottage is now virtually furnished and so we have time for other things. Fourth as we 'holiday’ and Christmas with my sister and her family. What was very nice. It was long ago that I was so looking forward to the holidays and I was even nervous when I went to pick up from the airport. Yet quite exciting, people home show where we have arrived. And they would find Ibiza just as special as we? It was a super nice week and I'm already counting down to the next visit; my brother and his girlfriend. We also celebrated old & new with new friends in Ibiza. It was a real sleepover and the four of us went sumptuous dining, dancing in the pub and then have breakfast on New Year's extensive and walking on the beach.

By now I come to the conclusion that what we craved, slowly begins to take shape. A simple(is) to live. We buy and gather our own wood for the fireplace, should ensure that sufficient gas so that the stoves can and can be cooked (oops… we went there in the fog) and extensive cooking with local products. Jurgen rumbles in the garden, with an ax in the back for smaller wood to make it to the stove and we make plans for the establishment of our garden. We have breakfast at the shed in the sun, make extensive healthy lunches, explore around on foot and wander off local markets and shops. And, this is how we did it in mind. A simple life and much beyond his. Thus it is with us; well I can say. Oh, and in between there is of course also blogged, worked, We arrange all kinds of business day of emigrating as a bank account, of autokeuring, residence and more… but that should not spoil the fun and makes this adventure.

6 Thoughts on “Quote of the week – simplicity

  1. Nice to read Jussi, I think you have your place quite found. I enjoy in any case note of your adventure at a distance. xx

    • Jussi on 14 January 2015 at said:

      Thanks Yzette, nice that you follow our. Voorlopig zitten we hier inderdaad meer dan goed 🙂

  2. sounds delicious, it simpler life. I'd like to follow immediately after I read this. Well done, that you have the courage to take that step. I can only dream (My boyfriend is not such adventurer).

    • Jussi on 14 January 2015 at said:

      Wat lief! And, you should do the course together and persevere. That's our deal, that we both liked’ moeten blijven vinden 🙂

  3. I get it just all warm inside when I read this. and still in the cold Netherlands.

    myself going too emigrate. and think it's great to read that it has worked out for you as you had hoped. about a year, I hope to be able to enjoy the outdoor life. the peace. and to have all the stress left behind in Netherlands.

    zo nu ga ik nog even verder je blog doorspitten 🙂

    x target.

    • Jussi on 14 January 2015 at said:

      What very sweet! I hope it inspires you. I just cheated on your blog. And you will definitely follow! Curacao is beautiful! What an adventure to go to a country where you have not been yet… brave hear! Good luck and if you have questions or want to chat… you know where to find me! X

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