This week we take in 'Color Palette of the week’ a palette of gray with some fluorescent colors. This palette make the most beautiful color combinations.

Hold the base simple, with, for example a white or gray color on the wall. Let the fluorine pink, return orange and yellow in the accessories. For example, a pair of brightly colored cushions or just a fluorescent vase. Try to vary in material and structure. Wool and felt his soft, combine with a somewhat harder matte and shine.

Translated to paint colors: (from top to bottom)
1. Flexa Tight in the paint – Signaalroze
2. Flexa Mix Collection –ON.00.45
3. Fluorescent red – Kleurmijninterieur
4. Flexa Ikea Collection – Ikea 174
5. Flexa Tight in the paint – Lime green

May vary the colors shown in this palette of reality.
This article is posted by me Kleurinspiratie, one of the sites where I currently work placement course.

Image: Styling Fietje Bruijn, Photography Jeroen van der Spek, image from vtwonen home inspiration.

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Blijft mooi!

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