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It seemed fun to put a top five best-read blog posts. First, because I myself am very curious to, but also so that you can cheat once among the most read articles on my site. Curious? I count from five to one. Read it!


5. Quote of the week – 41
At number five is the first blog post from Ibiza, one week after arrival. How we try to get used to the rhythm of Spanish Siesta and let us eat and enjoy the beautiful weather in Ibiza in October. Read more.

4. Quote of the week 46 – Casa Mimosa
After five weeks of searching had come. We found a house! And what a. In a very different location than planned, middle of the village instead of in the country. But with desired garden, outdoor and authentic details. Wondering? Read about Casa Mimosa, our house in Ibiza.

3. We are moving to Ibiza
And in the middle of the list,, shortly after the launch of my new website, came across this blog post. With the news about our move. We're going to emigrate to Ibiza! Namely 24 comments, wow! You may best know that I find really super nice reactions to get. Wondering why and what we do here? Read the further this post.

2. Quote of the week – 43
An update after 20 days in Ibiza. In this blog I will tell more about life on the island until then. Our house hunting, the visit we got two nieces, how we explore the island and we make new friends. Read more.

1. 4 years ago
Read more than my own homepage, the story Jurgens accident that I 6 -September,, 4 years later. In ja, I actually knew also. Not at first because it is impressive and was violently, but also because readers now once feast of true, personal stories. Curious about the whole story? Read it here.

Conclusion of the summit 5? Personal Stories, updates on our lives. Who do it best. And that is quite understandable. Though I did think that the hotspots of Ibiza would have a place in this top 5. Who knows 2015?

What do you think the 'cutest’ or most interesting to read? And you miss something on my blog or anywhere you curious? I like to hear from you. Leave a comment in the comments.