Ok, this part of the wedding, I you do not want to remember, may seem self-centered. Indeed, he is about me, me and my groom! 

About me. After a long search I found my dream dress. Way too expensive and only for sale in America. I decided in the Netherlands to look for a company or someone who could imitate him. Uiteindelijk koos ik voor een jurk bijBloomfeld AmsterdamfromJenny Packham, this super expensive dress I bought as a sample (old collection and mannequin from the store) en liet ik vervolgens helemaal verbouwen πŸ™‚ De top werd aangepast met oud kant, pearl and gained a vintage look that I wanted to.

On the other, I have not spent a lot of money. Earrings with HEMA, own old trampled pumps and a cardigan (it was really very cold) my sister with sequins I loved it more easy. Beautiful does namely not expensive.

The rings are made by Astrid Coene. She made my grandmother's wedding ring and the ring that I have of my mother as a memento a new design. It's the best souvenir for us to this day!

My makeup is done by girlfriend Carlijn! 
Hair with fine gypsum herb by girlfriend Marlies
My dearest witness and sister helped me to dress
With my dad
The bridal bouquet, by Femke van Heeerlijk, Unfortunately, on the day itself completely forgotten

Wedding rings. Created by Astrid Coene

Onze familie
Our large, composite, family! 


Vintage Rose Brocante || vintage Vanilla · 14 August 2013 at

How nice! Erg mooi Jussi! Je zus en jou lijken zoveel op elkaar, tweeling??

    Jussi Megens · 2 September 2013 at

    Hihi dankjewel! Nee geen tweeling, zelfs 8 jaar verschil. Maar we horen het vaker!

Raquel · 14 August 2013 at

Je bent zo’n mooie bruid! En die jurk en de styling. Ik vind het zo stijlvol. Echt mooi!!

Laura · 30 August 2013 at

Wat een ontzettend leuke blog heb je, ik volg je!

En wauw, wat een prachtige bruid ben je.

    Jussi Megens · 2 September 2013 at

    Dankjewel wat lief! Even jou blog bekeken.. heel erg leuk! Hou ik in de gaten πŸ™‚

Nina · 7 August 2014 at

Wat zag je er prachtig uit en inderdaad, dat hoeft helemaal niet super duur te zijn! Je trouwjurk is echt super mooi geworden.

    Jussi · 7 August 2014 at

    Wat lief, dankjewel. Het was een fantastische dag. De jurk is btw te koop. Hoop er iemand net zo blij mee te kunnen maken. Dus als je nog iemand weetπŸ˜‰

Melle · 18 December 2014 at

Mooi zeg! And whatever good you just a dress you bought and which have subsequently entertained to let him off entirely to your wishes votes. The dress is beautiful and nice that you have combined all the rest with other "inexpensive’ stuff, because nice indeed not have to be expensive!

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